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Brand Introduction

Todbi is a Korean brand owned by Bcore Company Ltd. Its headquarters are located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Todbi was registered as a new brand in 2011 and began to design and manufacture the first Hipseat Carrier – the 3D Style series. As soon as it was launched on the market, it received very successful feedback and was recognized by many consumers. Since then, Todbi has continued to develop new products with its advanced and innovative ideas, introducing high-tech designed products to parents. Later, different series of Hipseat Carrier were developed: for example, FlyB with NFC function, Air motion with patented airbag, Hidden 360 with full functions for newborn babies, and Peacell with air cells on the shoulder strap.

In the future, todbi will continue to design the most innovative and caring products for parents.

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