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Why AirPeacell is special

Patented Air Cell Shoulder Pad

  • The load and pain placed on the shoulder can be reduced with a shoulder strap optimized for the user.
  • Todbi's patented air cell shoulder pads significantly reduce fatigue by evenly dispersing pressure with a comfortable air flow between the air cells and an ergonomic air cushion system. Antigravity decompresses the pressure exerted as a result of gravitational action.

Patented Air bag hipseat

  • The air bag inside the hipseat release the pressure from the belly gives a most comfortable feelings to the parents when they carrying their babies. 

Patented one-touch silent waist belt

  • It is no longer necessary to wake a child who is deeply asleep with the sound of velcro. It is easy to detach silently with a single touch and fastens securely.

Special composition Baby carrier-type inner seat

  • This is helpful when using a baby carrier for newborn infants who cannot hold their neck up straight until they are 4 months old.
  • Both shoulder supports help correct unbalanced posture.
  • Made of a mesh material with excellent sweat absorption and ventilation on the inside, and a bamboo material on the outside.
  • It can also be used as a feeding cushion when feeding.


  • AirPeacell can be used as a baby carrier by removing the EPP support without a separate baby carrier.
  1. Hipseat-Used for breastfeeding or holding the baby for a short time to relieve fatigue.
  2. Baby carrier-Supports the baby in a stable and multidimensional manner over a wider space without extra support using an inner seat.
  3. Hip seat baby carrier-A solid prosthesis that supports the baby to relieve fatigue

A custom rail that fits our body

  • Customizing system for easy length alterations- on the back of shoulders which can adjust the strap to fit different height of the parents

Air Peacell-Gray

HK$1,999.00 Regular Price
HK$1,699.00Sale Price
Colour: Gray

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